Increase Butt Size Naturally: Best Tips Ever

Increase Butt

Mostly lean people want to increase butt size to shape up their body because lean body or under weight can give your figure an unhealthy look. Some exercises, massages and consuming more protein, healthy diet with an increase of your daily calorie intake can make it easier for you to have an ideal figure. With some useful home tips and attention you can change your first personality impression.

Best Natural Tips to Increase Buttock/Bum Size

Almond Oil Massage

Daily body massage with lukewarm Almond Oil for 2-3 months is very good and effective without any side effect, must make a visible change in lean and loose body muscles. Almond oil body massage is also very useful for weak children to have strong and healthy legs or fuller bumps and strong body muscles.

Best Herbal Paste

Make a fine paste with 2 tablespoons Honey and Pure Asafoetida (Hing) 1 tablespoon. Apply this paste on your buttock area, cover it with cabbage leaves. Leave it for 4 hours and rinse with normal water. This tip can make your hips and breast muscles tight and strong for an ideal figure.

Climbing the Stairs

Stair climbing daily for 10-15 minutes is great for fitness and helpful to enhance your bones density. It also strengthens our body muscles. By climbing stairs in normal or low speed not fast, your legs and hip bones expand its size and by doing this exercise regularly you can make a visible change in your lean buttock size. But after this exercise you need to have a healthy breakfast too.

Sitting on Feet

Sitting on your feet is a great way to get strong body and brain muscles. If your child is facing problem to learn a lesson advise them to learn it by sitting on feet. By doing this exercise your body and especially legs muscles become stronger.

Cleaning Floor

For this cleaning floor is ideal, effective and easy exercise for getting strong muscles. It may expand your hip bones by doing this continuously for 2-3 months.

Pushing the Wall

Daily doing this exercise for 25-30 minutes 2 times daily (morning & evening) build up the muscles of your hips. Just push the wall with your bumps daily.

Expanding Bump Exercise

Exercise for expanding hips just raises your legs slowly into a 90 degree angle or as far as you can hold your legs in a straight position for a few seconds. It will not only increase the size of your hips but also shape your leg muscles.

Best Foods

Soak 8-10 Almonds in the water overnight next morning add 8-10 Ajwa Dates (Ajwa Kajoor) and 1 glass Milk in it to make a milk shake. The best tip to increase your overall body health and also improve buttock size naturally.-Daily eating 5-6 dry Figs with lukewarm milk with an empty stomach is one of the best tip to have beautiful and ideal figure.

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