Hip Size : Best Tips to Reduce Hip Size After Delivery

Hip Size

Most women lose their fitness and gain weight after childbirth and lose their gorgeous appearance too. To slim down your hips you need to focus on your weight. Most of the people also want to get rid of their heavy hips fat reduction and want to shape their overall figure.To lose weight takes low calorie food but high in nutrition. Protein foods like Omega 3 fatty acids foods positively help to fit your body overall. Try to use Olive Oil or Canola Oil in your daily foods in place of other cooking oils. Use more fruits, vegetables to lose weight. Use white meat and lean meat by avoiding red meat. Some useful exercises like Circuit Training, hip toning and Cardio activity can also positive addition to slim down your hips.

Best Natural Tips to Reduce Hip Size After Delivery

Nigella Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Cumin and Carom Seeds

Nigella Seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Cumin and Carom Seeds in equal quantity and mix them. Roast all the ingredients in a dry pan for 1 minute. Keep them in a glass bottle. Stat uses it from the first day after childbirth.

Take ½ teaspoon with lukewarm water (boiled in 1 piece of Cinnamon) take it with an empty stomach 2-3 times during the day. The best tip to maintain your body fitness after childbirth. This will stimulate the fat burning process naturally. It lowers bad cholesterol levels in blood. Boost your body metabolism and burn more calories naturally.

Raisins Tonic

Daily Boil 4-5 dry Raisins (munaka) in one glass water for 3-4 minutes and drink it daily early in the morning on an empty stomach. Or soak raisins in one glass water overnight and next morning blend them in same water and drink it. This is an ideal tonic to burn hips and legs fat naturally.

Flower of Caltoropis

Make a paste of 100 grams fresh flower of Calotropis and mix 50 grams black salt in it. Make pills with the size of Jojoba. Keep them in a glass jar with lid. Take 1 tablet daily after having your dinner. It will remove out your all bad fats and cholesterol from your body. Also best tip to deal with constipation because of constipation your hip size and body weight must increase after childbirth.

Gurmar Leaves, Nigella Seeds, Carom Seeds, Black Pepper

Make a fine powder of Nigella seeds 20 gm, Carom seeds 20 gm, Black Peppers, Gurmar leave 10 gm and take ½ tsp twice a day along with cinnamon tea. This is one of the best herbal remedy to burn fat fast around hip area.

Almonds and Black Currant Pills

Grind 100 grams Almonds and 100 grams Black Currants and make pills with this mixture. Take 1 tablet with a lukewarm cup of milk over your breakfast daily. The best tip to control your body weight as well as hip size.

Almond and Olive Oil Massage

Massage your hip area before going to bed with Almond oil or Olive Oil for 10-15 minutes and tie up with a belt or a cotton cloth piece. Sleep on side poses. (Left side or right side) and avoid sleeping in a straight position. Within 20-25 days you must feel the positive change in your figure shape.

Salted Water

Avoid going out after child birth minimum for 15-20 days. Sometimes cold air can effect on your menstrual blood flowing. When blood flowing stop; it can also the main cause to increase your hips size. Mix 1 or 2 pinches of salt in lukewarm water and drink it. Use it 3 times during the day. By use this tip you will feel light weight in your lower body portion.


Using Turmeric milk from the first day after childbirth is very much effective for to keep your body shape. Just crush Currants 100 grams, Almonds 100 grams, dry coconut 100 grams and 100 grams sesame seeds. Crush all the ingredients and keep them in a jar. Take 1 tablespoon Olive oil in a frying pan and fry 1-2 tablespoons of it. Fry it for a few seconds and add ½ teaspoon Turmeric powder in it. Then add 100 grams milk in it and boil it for 2-3 minutes. Mix sugar to taste in it and sip it like tea. The best tip to reduce stomach fats and maintain body weight after childbirth.

Nigella Seeds, Cinnamon, Carom seeds, Anise Seed

Make a fine powder of Nigella Seeds (Kalonji) 25 gram, Carom seeds 25 gram, Anise seed, 25 gram Cinnamon, 25 gram and keep it in a glass jar. Daily take half teaspoon twice a day along with water. This is highly beneficial to reduce hip size naturally.

Carom Seeds (Ajwine)

Boil one cup water and on other stove heat a skillet over a lower flame and dry roast the Carom seeds (ajwine) for 5-10 seconds. Cool them, and grind in a grinder. Mix 1/2 tsp of this powder in a cup of boiled water, and drink it like tea after dinner. You can add one teaspoon honey to improve the taste and results. This will help to reduce hips fat. You can also use powder just mixing a tsp in yogurt or fresh juice during the day.

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