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Natural Weight Loss with Seeds

Weight loss seeds is a perfect choice and most beneficial. Seeds are rich in essential fats, the omega 3 and omega 6 oils, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in seeds may actually help to deep blood sugar and insulin levels steady, which reduce hunger and promotes fat burning instead of fat storage.

Fats are absolutely essential for good health and seeds fat not quite as bad for us as some people thought. Atkins diet may promote more weight loss and better cholesterol levels than high carbohydrate. You can get a large percentage of calories from seeds daily to lose weight.

Allow yourself to take a sensible amount of seeds whenever you feel hungry between meals. Eat these natural seeds for their nutritional value rather than for their filling power. To vary seeds, toast lightly under a grill for a few minutes to enhance flavor or soak them overnight and bring out the live enzymes for maximum nutrition and easier digestion.

Store them in an airtight jar, in a cool, dark place. Also check the best before date. Some seeds are indeed good for our health and weight loss which are given below.

10 Seeds for Natural Weight Loss

Chia Seeds for Weight Loss 

Nutritional miracles for those who are want to lose weight naturally. These small seeds keep you fuller for longer time and best natural energizer too. Full of fiber, omega 3 fats, magnesium, potassium, iron which are also best for healthy joints and beautiful skin. Controls high blood pressure by lowering cholesterol level naturally. Daily soak one teaspoon chia seeds/basil seeds in one glass water for 25 to 30 minutes than add one teaspoon honey in it and take it on empty stomach early in the morning.

Pumpkin Seeds for Weight Loss

Zinc and other essential vitamins in pumpkin seeds are best to reduce body fat naturally. If you want to get lean body muscles with better energy levels start using 2-4 teaspoons plain pumpkin seeds daily. Also helps to lower high cholesterol level and beneficial for arthritis and diabetes.

Nigella Seeds for Weight Loss

Nigella seeds are best to control body weight or obesity naturally and significantly reduction in waist line. Also best to control blood sugar level and cholesterol. Make a fine powder with 250 grams Nigella seeds, Black cumin 250 grams and 250 grams Brimstone. Grind all the ingredients and keep them in a jar. Daily take 2 grams in the morning with an empty stomach and 2 grams in the evening with lukewarm water. Use of nigella seeds oil in juices or with lemon water also works magically to reduce body weight in one month.

Hemp Seeds for Weight Loss

Omega 3 fatty acids in Hemp seeds are best to reduce body fat and best natural energy booster too. To reduce belly fat naturally use of hemp seeds is an ideal choice.

Sunflower Seeds for Weight Loss

Daily consuming raw sunflower seeds not roasted are best antioxidant to combat toxins and inflammation. Other vitamins and minerals are best to prevent your body from unwanted fats. Enhance your body function to burn more extra fat naturally. Protein and fiber in sunflower seeds keeps you fuller. Sunflower seeds also help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Fenugreek Seeds for Weight Loss

High fiber content of fenugreek seeds increase the metabolic rate that help in weight loss. With more than 75% of soluble fibers, fenugreek seeds give the stomach a feeling of fullness. Soak one teaspoon fenugreek seeds in one cup water overnight and next morning filter this water and take it on an empty stomach for 2 to 3 weeks.

Fennel Seeds for Weight Loss

The incredible fat-burning ability of these golden and green seeds aid in digestive system and help to regulate your excessive hunger. Besides, it also helps in cleansing your liver, strengthen bones and muscles, and cure obesity. Fennel seeds are full of nutrients that are loaded with metabolism and its fat burning properties will work wonders for your weight loss plan. Constipation is one of the main causes for heavy weight, fennel seeds fiber is best to relieves constipation. Fennel seeds or its water are best choice to reduce fat.

Flax Seeds for Weight Loss

Flax seeds are one of the best sources of omega 3 fats of all sources. Omega 3 fats help your body burn fat, and they regulate insulin levels. Other vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber are best can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Makes you fuller and increase your metabolism naturally. Daily take 2 tablespoons with your breakfast best to lose weight fast.

Sesame Seeds for Weight Loss

Sesame seeds are excellent choice for losing weight naturally because sesame seeds are high in calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc, which are best for metabolism and good to control blood sugar. They are also contain fiber that helps keep you full longer and regulates digestion. Daily add 2 tablespoons of white and black sesame seeds with your meals, you can sprinkle in your soup bowl too.

Psyllium Seeds for Weight Loss

Best seeds used in weight control and for general health to enhance the sensation of fullness and reduce hunger cravings. It contains a spongy fiber that reduces appetite, improves digestion and cleanses the system for healthy dieting. Take 2-3 tablespoons in juice, water or milk just 20-25 minutes before your meal.

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