how to get rid of fruit flies

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

The small flies that are seeing around especially in the kitchen are the fruit flies. These flies are around you during the whole year but are common during the late or fall of summer. They are mostly attracted by sweetish and perishable fruits like grapes, melons, and squashes. Most common fruit flies are a species of the fly named Drosophila Melanogaster which belongs to the family Drosophilidae. It is also called as vinegar fly.
In this article, various ways are being the highlight as to how to get rid of these fruit flies to avoid an unhygienic environment.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies In kitchen:

how to get rid of fruit flies
how to get rid of fruit flies

Fruit flies mostly attack the fruit that is placed in the kitchen in the open space. The purpose is to keep them away from the kitchen from the following methods:

Boiling white vinegar water:

A simple and old traditional method and effective way to keep away the fruit flies is by pouring the boiling water or vinegar into drains. Drains are the major elements that provide the path to these flies to enter into the kitchen. The boiling water or boiling vinegar water should be poured in all drainage of the kitchen, washrooms, and others. In case of the absence of vinegar or no availability of vinegar, simply boiled water can also be used in this process.

Apple Cider vinegar:

Apple cider dipped in the vinegar can also be used to get rid of fruit flies. With the odor of apple cider vinegar, these flies die naturally. It is further added that the ascent of apple cider vinegar attracts the fruit flies and by making a trap and let them absorb most of the smell on the apple cider vinegar results in their natural demise. A trap can be made by putting the apple cider vinegar in a large bowl and cover the same with the plastic sheet. Put small holes on the sheet with a toothpick. The smell of apple cider vinegar attracts the fruit flies and they will enter into the bowl but could not get out of the plastic sheet due to small holes and are distracting with the heavy smell. Thus in this way, they die there naturally inside the trap.

Old wine or beer:

Like the smell of vinegar, fruit flies are also attracted by the smell of old wine or beer. Trap for fruit flies can also be made through old wine or beer bottles. Put the bottle of old wine or beer, half-filled and cover it with the plastic sheet. Made a hole in the sheet with any toothpick and put it in the kitchen under the light lamp. The flies enter the bottle and would not be able to escape and hence die naturally due to smell.

Liquid soap water:

Another method to get rid of fruit flies is through liquid soap water. This is the way of trapping the fruit flies. All you need to do is mix the liquid soap with water in a large bowl and mix it in such a way that it forms bubble foam. Put this bowl under a light bulb or under a light lamp where light is pointing in the night. This light lamp attracts the flies and the bubble foam distracts them and won’t let them from escaping.

Dry up damp areas:

Wet or damp areas need should be made dry immediately, especially in the washrooms and kitchens because damp areas attract these flies. Thus, all these areas should be dry all the time.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies In the House:

how to get rid of fruit flies
how to get rid of fruit flies

The environment of the house should be made clean and tidy. Fruits and other foodstuffs should be covered properly so that their smell may not allow the flies to get attracted.
The flies do not come only on fruits but they are also appealed with the scraps, leaked/fallen drinks, etc. The food needs to be cover with plastic bags or sheets which prevent the food smell to spread.
Any perishable food that is about to perish should be thrown out in the closed dustbin. This is because; the smell of perishable fruits/vegetables is far more attracted to these fruit flies than of normal fruit.
Cover the open water bucket because open humid spaces attract these fruit flies. Normally water buckets are fill in the washing areas or washrooms; therefore, they need to be covered up properly with a lid.
Wash the fruit, vegetables, and other washable foods frequently and especially before using them. As soon as these are brought from the market or shop, these should be wash out properly to avoid the already affected food.


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