how to get rid of gnats

How to Get Rid of Gnats

How to Get rid of gnats: Are you one of those people who love greenery and fresh atmosphere around the house but are too tired of the gnats and other flies? Well, don’t worry because we got you! 

This article is all about what are gnats, how they are produced and how you can get rid of them for clean carefree living!

Gnats are flying insects which can be both; biting and non-biting. Mostly gnats fly in large numbers, called clouds. When they are present in a large amount, they might damage the roots of plants and to prevent that, measures have to be taken. Reduction of excess moisture and regular drainage of the pool water are the basic important steps to avoid gnats. Turning unnecessary lights at dusk and shutting unnecessary openings are also important. 

Let us take a detailed look at how to get rid of gnats in different ways.

How to Get Rid of Gnats at Home:

how to get rid of gnats
how to get rid of gnats

Everyone can adopt a different way to get rid of gnats. Here we have compiled some for you. You are sure to find a solution to your specific problem related to gnats.

Set a trap:

Setting a trap is the most common and easiest way to get rid of gnats. You can either get a trap readymade or make one yourself. 

Readymade gnat trap: 

These traps are available in almost every store. They contain straps which are sweet-scented and attract gnats. Just set these traps on places you are facing the problem and wait for the gnats to trap themselves!

Vinegar trap:

If you want to make a trap yourself, you can easily make it by using the things available at home. Get a jar and fill it by apple cider vinegar, sugar, water, and dish soap. Mix the solution well and place it near the problem areas. 

The gnats would be attracted to the solution due to the sweet smell of sugar and vinegar and would die after contact because of soap. This solution would also stop them from laying eggs on these places because they look for damp places to lay eggs.

Candle trap:

This way can easily be done at home. All you need to do is put a tall candle into a candlestick and place the candlestick in a small pan filled with water. Light the candle and place the pan on the problem area. Turn off all the lights and wait for the gnats to make their way to the flame. Gnats would hit the flame and fall in the water, which would make their escaping impossible. You must stay in the room till it’s time to blow the candle out.

Sticky trap:

Usage of sticky straps such as yellow straps can be helpful. Just place them around your house or even washrooms and wait for the gnats to get stick to them.

Red wine trick:

This is the same as the vinegar trap. Just pour red wine in a jar and cover it with a plastic sheet. Makes holes in the sheet and place it on the problem areas. Gnats would be attracted by the scent and would end up drowning in the wine. 

Egg Bait Trap for Eye Gnats:

This trap is specifically for eye gnats. This trap is going to emit a nasty smell. You need the following ingredients to make this trap:

 1-liter plastic bottle

 4 eggs 


Crack four eggs and add in the container and fill the container with water. Mix the content very well and thoroughly. Fill the 1-liter bottles to about ¼ with the solution. Immediately save the remaining solution by putting it in the refrigerator. Punch 5 to 10 holes in the bottle and hang these bottles near your garden. Check the bottles after a week and you will find loads of eye gnats dead in there. Don’t forget to change the mixture every 15 days regularly. 

Disposable giant traps:

These traps contain an attractant in them which helps kill the bugs when it is activated. You only have to put water in these traps to activate them and it would attract the gnats and kill them. 

By using a chemical spray:

If bugs get bad, you might need a spray. Spraying is an instant way to get rid of gnats but you have to be careful around the kids. Also, it is better to close the door of the room or place where you are spraying and let the spray settle for a bit. Staying out of the room until the smell disappears is better. 

Try a bug zapper:

These noiseless machines help catch bugs. This process is really easy. You just have to turn the machine on and relax and wait for the magic to happen. 

Lure them with rotten fruits:

Add an overripe fruit in a bowl and wrap the open surface of the bowl with a plastic sheet. Use a rubber band to keep the sheet in place. Then use a toothpick to make a few holes in the sheet. Gnats would be attracted to it by the scent of the fruit and get in the bowl. Once they get in, they would not find a way out. 

Use a bleach solution:

If you are noticing the gnats converging around your sink drains, these ways above might not work for them. They can be best dealt with by using bleach. Mix one-half cup of bleach with about one gallon of water but you have to do it very carefully. Pour it down the sink.

Using UV light bug zapper:

Many people suggest that UV light bug zappers emit a light that attracts bugs and kills them. It kills both biting and non-biting species. 

Vanilla repellent:

Unlike us humans, gnats hate the smell of vanilla! You can apply vanilla repellent on your parts of the body which are most likely to get affected by gnats and gnats would not attack there. 

To make this vanilla repellent, you need to buy pure vanilla extract from some market and make sure that the vanilla extract is sugarless. After this, take 10ml of the vanilla extract and add it in 10ml of water and mix well. Stir the solution well so vanilla gets mixed properly. After this, take a cotton ball and dip it in the solution. Now rub the cotton ball on the exposed areas. 

Also, note that some people are allergic to vanilla. More quantity of vanilla can also concentrate the mixture. So it is better to apply the solution on a little portion of your hand first to see if it does some reaction. 

Diluted rubbing alcohol spray:

Gnats die instantly when they come in contact with diluted rubbing alcohol. You can pour diluted rubbing alcohol in a bottle and spray it whenever you see a gnat. Gnats would die instantly after spraying. 

Using lemon oil:

If you have gnats inside your home or kitchen, using lemon oil would be the most effective way to treat them. You have to buy lemon oil and essential oil diffuser and spray them around. This would also produce a sense of freshness around the house. 

Beneficial nematodes:

Beneficial nematodes are parasites. They are microscopic roundworms. Once installed, they search for gnat larvae and other tiny organisms. The insert bacteria inside their bodies and then gradually the larvae or any other organism that is dying. 

The nematodes can work for a long time like 18 months. They are completely safe to use and do not provide any harm to humans, plants or other animals. 

Tobacco layer:

Covering the layer of soil with a layer of tobacco has proved beneficial for many people. All you need to do is to tear 3 to 4 cigarettes and spread the tobacco they contain in the form of a thin layer over the soil. This would prevent the fungus gnats from laying eggs in the soil. 

Citronella candles:

If you plan on doing an outdoor picnic, using these citronella candles might be the best idea to stay away from gnats. Just simply light these candles and it would automatically keep gnats at bay. 

Disposing of spoiled food: 

Gnats and other flying insects are mostly attracted to rotten food especially fruits and vegetables. They might also lay their eggs there so the larva has something to eat once it hatches. Make sure you properly dispose of rotten food immediately. Make sure you dispose of it far away from your house for all the hygienic reasons. 

Contact an exterminator:

If the situation gets out of hand and nothing from the above works, contact a professional for help and make sure the work is done as soon as possible. Professionals know technical ways to get rid of gnats. 

How to Get Rid of Gnats Outside:

how to get rid of gnats
how to get rid of gnats

Outside control of gnats is very important because they might reproduce in large quantities if not taken care of and the new population might get into our houses. 

The reduction or elimination steps are below:

Dry out every moist area:

Moist areas can be a cause of different diseases too. Drying of outdoor plant pots, clogged roof gutters, sites that are close to downspouts, places near air conditioners where the water is expected to form a pool, inside coolers and under taps can help reduce gnats. 

Fix the pipes that are a cause of leakage:

Pipes that cause leakage are most often the source of production of gnats because the water that is leaked forms a puddle. 

Maintenance of sewage system:

Proper maintenance of the sewage system can save you from a lot of hurdles. Make sure you regularly work on the maintenance of the sewage system and asking the help of a professional would be better. 


Make sure you change the bright bulbs outside with low voltage bulbs. They attract bugs less than the brighter ones. 

Cover garbage:

Just like covering the fruits and vegetables, it is important to cover the garbage too. Gnats might lay eggs on the uncovered garbage.

Eliminate moist soil:

Avoid overwatering the plants you have in your lawn or garden because the moisture does not dry completely and results in the production of gnats. 

Cover up:

Make sure you wear long sleeves while stepping out of your house and into the lawn on the rainy days. Also, use insect repellants while going out to stay safe from biting gnats. 

How to Get Rid of Gnats in the Kitchen:

how to get rid of gnats
how to get rid of gnats

Gnats in the kitchen are not only unhealthy but also very annoying. They might cause certain diseases by their presence on the food items. Getting rid of them is an annoying process too but very necessary. Also, moisture that supports fungal growth can be a cause of fungal gnats. 

The question is what attracts gnats to the kitchen?

Damp places in our kitchens serve as a host for insects such as gnats. Not only these places serve as a home to them, but insects also lay their eggs there and fertilize them. Open garbage bins also attract these insects towards the kitchen. Leaky pipes in the kitchen and overwatered plants around the kitchen windows are also the biggest causes of their production. 

Removing overripe fruits from the kitchen, covering the garbage cans and disposing of them properly are better options to prevent the growth gnats. Insect foggers can also be helpful but they are more time-consuming. Besides, insect foggers can also be dangerous due to the chemicals present in them and can be hazardous if you don’t follow instructions while doing them. 

It is better to contact professionals if you are going for a process like this so it can be safe and can be done in no time.

Pouring vegetable oil or olive oil in the kitchen sink:

If you are facing the problem of gnats in the kitchen sink, pouring vegetable oil or olive oil in there might be the easiest and the most effective way. Pouring these oils would form a layer on the kitchen sink and over the gnats. This would make them immobile and you can clean the sink easily. You might have to perform this several times but it one of the most effective ways. 

Ammonia to kill gnats in the drains:

If the source of gnats in your kitchen is your sink drain of the kitchen, this might be the best way using ammonia. Pour 200-230 ml of ammonia in your sink drain. This would kill the adult larvae gnats. 

Make sure you leave the ammonia to dilute before using it again for the drain.

How to Get Rid of Gnats in the Yard:

how to get rid of gnats
how to get rid of gnats

Who does not love summer evenings in the yard to relax from everyday routine and hassle? But these evenings can be very annoying and stressing if you don’t get off the gnats who invade your life once and for all! 

These insects are attracted to carbon dioxide which we humans exhale. And in no time they can be buzzing around your head. But fortunately, you can get rid of these gnats simply using your house materials. 

By using hair spray:

Keep a bottle of hair spray with you when you go outside. If you see a gnat hoarder, spray the hair spray on it. The population does not matter. The hair spray would stick to their wings and paralyze them. This would cause the gnats to fall helplessly on the ground. 

Chemical treatment:

In situations of severe infestations, chemical measures can be taken. Insecticides that contain pyrethrins act quickly to kill fungus gnats. Those which are available in aerosol form, pyrethrin insecticides can be sprayed on the soil and places where the adult gnats live. You might need to repeat this process a few times before you get complete results. Prevent your pets or any other animals from ingesting recently applied pyrethrin insecticides. Before doing it, make sure you wear masks and gloves so you don’t inhale pyrethrin insecticide directly. 


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